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New Sheriff to open precinct in Hurtsboro

2011-01-18 13:02 by Ted Suchaski

Sheriff Department presence in Hurtsboro to service remote areas of Russell County


  Newly sworn in Heath Taylor announced to the Russell County Commission the opening of a new precinct office in Hurtsboro. Sheriff Taylor told the County Commission that the new office will be manned by one sheriff deputy and will provide services to those in the remote area of the county having to travel 30 miles to the main office of the Sheriff's Department.


  Taylor also commented that a Sheriff's Department presence is necessary there because three of the last four murders in Russell County occurred in Hurtsboro. Sheriff Taylor made statements to the effect that the Sheriff Department's presence should help to "chase out" those that would violate the law and that if so, it would be fine with him and that those individuals would become the problem of those counties to which they would relocate.


  There is no indication of what effect having a Sheriff Department presence would have on the Hurtsboro Police Department.


  You can visit the Russell County Sheriff's Department website at: http://www.rcso.org/

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