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Updated map shows fort's study area (The Citizen of East Alabama)

2011-01-14 02:03 by Ted Suchaski

Fort Benning plans second round of public information meetings for April

Dateline: Jan. 13, 2011
By Blenda Copeland
Staff Writer


The newest map is out.

The colored blob areas drawn in the five counties along both sides of the Chattahoochee River are more defined now on Fort Benning's latest public version of its land study map. The river, some key water features and important roads and highways now appear.

Fort Benning is researching where the base can buy large, contiguous timberland tracts that would be suitable for training troops in what the base is calling the Fort Benning Training Land Expansion Program. The base is researching who's willing to sell such land in a five-county area of the Chattahoochee Valley and whether the land would meet its needs.

The latest public version of the map was released Jan. 5.

The area being studied in Russell County is generally the area from Fort Mitchell along County Road 18 and Alabama Highway 26 to Hurtsboro, continuing from Hurtsboro along County Roads 49 and 4 to Cottonton and then north along Highway 165 to Fort Mitchell and the land area within this area of the county.

According to the map's legend, the five county study areas on the map meet these criteria: they contain large land holdings, low population density, the land adjoins or is close to the current boundaries and it meets environmental conditions and training requirements.

Visually, the study area in Russell County appears to be about the second largest of the five county areas depicted on the map. The area being studied in Stewart County, Ga., appears to be fairly comparable in size or perhaps slightly larger than the area being studied in Russell County.

Meanwhile, in April, Fort Benning plans to hold the second round of public information meetings to address the Russell County Commission and the public at large about its most recent data collected from its research. Specific dates have not been released.

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